Despite undeniable contributions to the advancement of society, minorities have been systematically excluded from the popular narrative. On levels of health, work placement, academia, and American culture, these groups are consistently underrepresented and disadvantaged. African Americans, in particular, have the highest likelihoods of mortality and worst of health outcomes when compared to all other racial groups for many preventable issues. As accessibility and utilization of technology expand, it is imperative to prioritize its usefulness to address the disparities faced by African Americans and other minority populations.

People deserve to not only just live but thrive. They deserve the opportunity to have a life of proactivity instead of reactivity to known barriers. The problems may be complex but the duty to enact change is greater. In the form of a too-real podcast, content creation, and distribution, this small business will tackle the often MissUnderstood impacts of our lives by listening, learning, and taking action together.

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  1. Eric Bethea

    Preach! I couldn’t agree more. If nothing else, EVERYONE in society benefits from a healthy populace. Can’t wait to hear more of your perspectives.

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