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At Being MissUnderstood, we are always looking for guests to collaborate with as we talk about ALL things health.
Since 10-20% of a person’s health outcomes, or well-being, result from medical care, this podcast focuses on the massive 80-90% of health influencers. These are things like genetics and where people live, work, play, and pray. We’d especially love to hear from those passionate about issues unique to Black folks and other minority groups.

Examples of topics in progress are below:
– ACE scores (adverse child events)
– The legacy of Wealth Gaps and its impact on predicting health outcomes
– Allostatic load
– Healthy aging
– How mental health issues and their presentation differ across racial/ethnic/cultural lines
– Understanding and navigating the American healthcare system
– and so on and so on….. the list is truly endless!!

PLEASE NOTE that although we aim to include as many voices as possible, we may decide not to publish an episode or to focus on certain sections of discussions if we feel the flow won’t support/benefit our audience. You will ALWAYS be contacted in advance in the event of these situations. Thank you for your consideration and understanding!