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About Being MissUnderstood

Being MissUnderstood is a start-up content creation and broadcasting company with a distribution format centered around podcasting. Podcasting is a burgeoning field of technology. Podcasting as a term was first coined in 2004 to give a name to “portable broadcasting”. Listeners of podcasts can connect to them through a variety of means and play episodes whenever it is most convenient.

As it is a form of internet-based media distribution, podcasting has the ability to link communities to information that is otherwise dependent on physical proximity and a person’s social capital. Because of their ability to blur the lines of boundaries, podcasts are a promising investment for health education purposes.

Being MissUnderstood : Vision and Mission

The vision of Being MissUnderstood is to lessen the burden of knowledge gaps and adverse social determinants present in the African American community and experienced by many other minority groups. Being MissUnderstood has three specific aims: reach, engagement, and action. Successful accomplishment of these aims will help bring about equity in a way that is easily accessible, culturally appropriate, and relevant. Health information will be made available via easily accessible internet-based media.

The information will contain didactic conversations that empower individuals to participate in health-seeking behaviors. Podcast interviews and demonstrations will highlight entities that serve as interventions to diminish the effects of factors that negatively impact health. Active engagement of the community will be prioritized in the decision making of episodic subjects. Subsequently, the content produced remains accurate to the target population’s needs.

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