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We’re so glad you found us. This is our trailer episode. Join in as we tackle the often MissUnderstood impacts of our lives by listening, learning, and acting together.

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Taking responsibility for your health is difficult, but the need to prioritize it is high. There is so much information to keep up with let alone incorporate it into your everyday life.

What many people don’t know, is that only is that only 10-20% of their health outcomes, or well-being, are a result of medical care. A massive 80-90% of health outcomes come from influences like genetics and where people live, work, play, and pray.

What if there was a way to access a one-stop-shop for information that is not only relevant but easy and practical to act upon?

Welcome to Being MissUnderstood. The answer to that very question. Being MissUnderstood is a too-real podcast tackling the often MissUnderstood impacts of our lives.

But this is bigger than podcasting. We are here to consistently produce content that will help bridge gaps between you and the health outcomes you deserve. Although our focus is on the health barriers of black people many issues are felt by everyone.

On so many levels of health, work placement, academia, and American culture, minority groups are consistently underrepresented and disadvantaged. African Americans, in particular, have the highest likelihoods of mortality and worst of health outcomes when compared to all other racial groups for many preventable issues.

Who is giving priority to the problems many in this country face daily? These unnecessary differences can not be resolved until the voices of the unheard are listened to and respected as valid. People are interdependent. The things that happen in our communities also go on to affect, in major ways, the rest of the world. It’s time to move away from blame and take responsibility for everyone’s needs. The reality is, valuing the needs of others will allow the whole to have better outcomes. But million-dollar question is, how can we address needs and find agreement in a country that was never designed to listen to or benefit its most disparaged and vulnerable groups?

This is where Being MissUnderstood comes in. Our goal is to inform and empower. To host engaging conversations that are relevant to you, accurate, and actionable. It’s one thing to talk about the state of reality, but it’s another thing to strategize and encourage solutions. With this approach, we will simplify your ability to take confident steps towards actualizing the life you want to live.

Too many people live their day to day lives in survival mode hoping to minimize risk and stay afloat. People deserve to not only just live but thrive. Let’s stop being reactive and start being proactive by breaking down some barriers.

This is Being MissUnderstood and I’m your host Kyazia, or as some people call me, Aunty Ky. I can not wait to go on this journey with you.

So, join in as we tackle the often MissUnderstood impacts of our lives by listening, learning, and acting together.

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Music: TAKUDZWA (Previously “DATBOI LEE-ROY”)

TAKUDZWA Soundcloud

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